Writing Workshops Stories travel through time, space and across continents

As a former teacher I am keen that both children and adults enjoy writing. Many years ago I published a practical paper on different ways of getting children to write for a purpose. Children need to be motivated to write and see a reason for it. Suggestions of writing workshops include:

Working with staff exchanging practical ideas for motivating children to write.

Sharing a story with a whole Key Stage to fire ideas and generate enthusiasm so the children want to write their own. This workshop would have an element of scaffolding for the children.

Working with a class for one or more sessions on developing writing - this is often done in partnership with the teacher.

Writing poetry – I am happy to work with a class writing poems on almost any theme. I have my own poems to share: these vary from a visiting wasp to my own reflection on growing up.

Developing challenging themes such as environmental awareness. For example I have written an ecological story involving dinosaurs and I use this to provoke eco- themes. This can be used to encourage children to write poems or their own stories. This enhances environmental projects and would be an exciting event for the whole school.

Encouraging parents and grandparents to write down some of their ideas and experiences, so that they can share these with others.