Writing Workshops Stories travel through time, space and across continents

From my past life as a teacher I have always been keen on children and adults enjoying writing. However, we all usually need motivation to write and be able to see a reason for doing so.

Since the publication of 'Don't Look at Me Like That’ I have run a series of practical writing workshops in schools, especially looking at where ideas come from and how they might develop; also working on settings for stories and character developments. For example I share a story with a whole Key Stage to help fire imaginations and discuss possibilities for how their stories might move forward.

I have also worked with an individual class for one or more sessions on developing writing, in partnership with the teacher.

I am happy to work with a class writing poems on almost any theme. I have used my own poems to stimulate creativity; these vary for example from a wasp visiting the school hall, growing up, football and the Arthurian tragedy.

I have also based workshops on challenging themes such as environmental awareness. I have even touched on allegory with Y5/6 when look at one of my ecological stories in particular.

Lastly I have also worked with teachers on developing their own writing skills.