The Blunderbirds Stories travel through time, space and across continents

2016 saw Brian Dimmock, the Pedalling Poet and musician, and I collaborate on two projects supporting The Farms for City Children Charity. We affectionately called ourselves "The Blunderbirds" - some may say it was an appropriate name!

In April/May we travelled around many Gloucestershire Schools on our bikes commemorating the Shakespeare 400th Anniversary.

Brian opened with his own wonderfully crafted song encapsulating The Bard's life, I told my own Shakespeare Story and we finished with a chaotic Sonnet session involving staff and one of the "Blunderbirds" in a dress!

In September we visited 12 London Schools celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Farms for City Children focussing on Wick Court Farm. Again on our bikes carrying guitar and props we negotiated our way to the different schools. Brain sang one of his songs and did a poem and I told my soon to be published "Mollie the Sheep" story.

The Blunderbirds are happy to perform any of the above for a donation to the Farms for City Children Charity or to celebrate a special event . We are aiming to tour Welsh Schools in the near future.