Stories from History Stories travel through time, space and across continents

History is all around us and the fabric of our world echoes with stories from our past. A historical topic can be enhanced by a story. It can provoke laughter, outrage and ideas. I tell a wide range of stories from history and some fictional stories about famous people set in particular period. The information below gives a flavour of some stories that I have told both to adults and children across all Key Stages in a school. I have many other stories from other periods of History in my repertoire.

Greek Myths:

The Greek Myths are a wonderful rich treasury of stories. These could be tales about the terrible war on the shores of Troy (The Iliad), the adventures of the wily and resourceful Odysseus, tales of the ever feuding Gods, fantastic creatures, Orpheus' journey into the Underworld amongst many others.

Romans as you have never seen them! I have always been fascinated by the story of Boudicca and how as a wronged woman she seriously threatened Roman power. I dress as Boudicca, we sack Camulodunum and rampage with young helpers through the land.

Afterwards I talk about sources like Tacitus and where his sympathies may have lain. I have told this story in the Caerleon Amphitheatre to over 200 young people.

I perform Caractacus (Caradoc) in role, telling of his West Country adventures and his brave entrance in front of the Emperor in Rome.

Ancient Egyptians stories of the Gods, like Ra and Sekhmet the Slayer and the death of Osiris.

Saxons the great tale of Beowulf is a wonderful tale to tell. I have also done Alfred hiding in the marshes. I have also linked the Arthurian stories to the Saxon invasion. Occasionally at Wick Court I tell a ghost story involving Saxons and their fate by the River Severn, partly based on local legends and links to a documented battle.

Vikings have some great stories. I have told stories about the Gods the trickster Loki and Thor and his hammer.

Victorians - one Christmas favourite that I like to tell is based on Leon Garfield's Fair's Fair.

World War 1 with the recent centenary of WW1 I have been telling a story in the first person, based on soldier's recollections that finishes around the Christmas Truce. I was asked by a special Lottery Funded Centenary Project in my home village to tell this story. (I bring artefacts and my grandfather's diary when I do this)

World War 2- Evacuees; I tell a story in the first person as an evacuee which is based on a collection of true reminisces