The Two Severn Bores Stories travel through time, space and across continents

The ‘Two Severn Bores’ are the wonderful musician Dan Everett and myself. Having performed alongside each other at gigs doing our own individual material we decided to collaborate and write a show around a specific theme. In 2019 we took the River Severn as our focus and performed a number of successful gigs in Bristol and Gloucestershire.

In 2020 we explored the theme of tackling adversity in a show called ‘Walking the Tightrope’. We started to perform this but sadly the tour was cut short by the Covid 19 pandemic; we hope to continue with the show in 2021.

We are currently exploring creating more, shorter, podcasts. If you want a ‘Two Severn Bores’ performance then please get in touch. To date we have performed in village halls, art venues, libraries and pubs.