Story Telling Stories travel through time, space and across continents

I know anyone can tell a successful story; you only have to be in a pub for a while and listen to the conversations! I have run several Story Telling Workshops for adults, focusing on techniques and materials. Audiences have included teachers, Forest School Leaders, parents and grandparents. These workshops are becoming increasingly popular as they encourage adults to quickly develop self-confidence and expertise in sharing 'quality' time with children by telling stories.

In schools I have run sessions for older children on story telling. The aim is for these children to be able to confidently tell a story in their own style to others. I have twice run a Story Telling workshop for Gifted and Talented children from the Severn Edge Cluster. In one of these sessions I prepared a story on their class topic for each child to take back to their school to tell to their peers.

I am happy to run a fun session at an Inset Day or lead a Staff Meeting, looking at techniques and playing with ideas.

I could run a workshop for parents on telling stories.

How about a session for any adult group on being a Story Teller? This would be a good team bonding opportunity for almost any work place.