My Stories Stories travel through time, space and across continents

Below is a list of many of my short stories that were written especially for a wealth of themes. Many of them can be told in other settings and can be adapted to adult audiences. I am willing to tell them in a variety of settings. The stories in italics are being developed into longer stories, hopefully with a view to publication.

  1. Quest for Camelot - My modern story that tackles social exclusion for being different entwined with Arthurian legend.

  2. An Old Odd Tale - Is it autobiographical? My dark adult tale of a pact and all that brings! A good one for an after dinner occasion.

  3. Owlets - a story written as part of a book week about three young owls that end up seeing the point of reading!

  4. Christmas Angels - I  have told this in church at Christmas and in a pub - it has a real seasonal feel.

  5. James Spoonfed - another Christmas story loosely based on the Christmas Carol.

  6. The Shepherd's Tale - written for a Christmas Service; to be told by an adult with support from children.

  7. Down Under - set in Australia, an English boy finds everything against him, not least not being very good at cricket. He has a flea bitten dog and both of them are called into action! A bitter sweet ending.

  8. Harriet the Hippo - My story about an ambitious Hippo who succeeds against the odds (Bill has a special costume for this story!)



  1. The Gate - a sad story written for Remembrance Day, based on a true story passed on by my dad.

  2. The Challenge - a good story for the start of school term about three cars with a particular hazardous challenge.

  3. Harvest Tales - autobiographical tale for Harvest!

  4. Maths Story - specially written for a Maths week. When the numbers disappear this story provokes children to write their own versions and think about the power of numbers!

  5. Flowers on the Beach - written for National Gallery's Take one Picture -this story was based on Degas' On the Beach and is a fictional account of how Degas was struggling with his painting until he met a girl by the Seine.

  6. Ben the Badger - a daft story on the value of friendship to a badger who makes it big and parties too much!

  7. 3 Billy Goats Gruff - the true story! This one was written for an assembly to illustrate the need to plan and be proactive!

  8. Shredded Wheat - a story of conscience mixed up with football starting with a well known breakfast cereal.

  9. Misty the Magician - true magic! Written before J.K. Rowling wrote about a certain young magician and very different!   This is a girl's struggle with her magic revision and the many distractions and obstacles she faces! This story is now finished and I am about to begin to search for a publisher.

  10. Passing the Buck - originally written for assembly after a spate of children blaming each other for events happening. A Talking Teapot helps focus the twins attention!

  11. Dinosaurs - the true story! An eco-story: now we know why they died out, thanks to some sensational discoveries!

  12. Jack Grumbles - a simple story adapted from one passed on by my  dad. Jack is always moaning about everything until one day............!!!!!!!

  13. Cedric the Dragon - a story of a dragon with a taste for an adventure who faces racism on his travels.

  14. Another Dragon Tale - Cedric this time ignores advice and his flying lessons end in disaster!

  15. Super Heroes - A real life Super Hero - is it Flexible Faye, Flying Faye or even Fantastic Faye?

  16. Dreams - I originally wrote this as a story for children to tell but it is now a full length story that I am actively looking to publish. A boy realises he can't dream and an adventure unfolds.


  1. Spider in the Book - Incy Wincy goes on an adventure and spoils several Nursery Rhymes-this story was specially written for Reception Children on one of my gigs.

  2. A Strange Story - a story that goes beyond the stars. I was asked to tell a story with a space theme so he wrote one with an unexpected twist to events above Stroud, Gloucestershire!

  3. Evacuee Story - a story I perform in role based on the true experiences of Evacuees.

  4. Duck Soup - set in the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, Slimbridge. A story specially written for the WWT to fit in with the maths activities at the Trust. The ducks have a real adventure and outwit a fox.

  5. Deep, Deep, Deep - a story for younger children with repetition and actions that has been performed in Nursery and Reception Classes.

  6. Christmas 1914 - A story about a young man caught up in the events of 1914 leading to the Christmas Truce. I bring in some of Grandfather's artefacts and his diary from 1914 when I tell this story. I performed this story for my Village's National Lottery Project Commemorating the First World War.

  7. Shakespeare's Muse - The real story about how Shakespeare was helped with his writer's block of 1594 thanks to a boy called Robin. This was performed many times across Gloucestershire to celebrate the 400th Anniversary of his death.

  8. Don't Look at Me Like That! - This story was written for the Farms For City Children Charity and should be published imminently. It is a ghost story that moves from London to Wick Court Farm and originates from a real historical event on the River Severn that a troubled young man tells.

  9. Mollie the Sheep - A story about Mollie an elderly sheep at Wick Court who pulls of something remarkable that is the talk of the criminal underworld. It was told many times in London Schools when I was on tour with the Blunderbirds in September 16. It is being published in the same book as Don't Look at Me Like That.

  10. Ming the Dragon - The true story that has never been told before of how the Ming Dynasty Pottery really started.

  11. Book Hunt - What is happening to all the Books in the World? There are disappearing, what or who is responsible? A story written for World Book Day that of course features books and a rather unusual creature that loves books. For Y2 up to Y4.