Birdwatching workshops Stories travel through time, space and across continents

Although I do know many 'bird stories' this page is really to do with watching birds. I think it is really important to enthuse people of all ages so they enjoy and appreciate our wonderful natural world.

I volunteer at Wick Court (one of the 'Farms for City Children' set up by Michael and Claire Morpurgo), taking groups of young people staying there bird watching. The children spend a week on the farm; where my wife Clare and I have set up various bird watching activities. We have even tailor made a specific 'Wick Court' bird album to which the children can refer when they are out watching birds with me. The Little Owl pictured on this page was seen by children at Wick Court.

In my former life as a teacher I have run Nature Clubs, taking children out into their local environment. At my last school we took part in the annual RSPB School Birdwatch, coming in for an early morning observation session followed by a special breakfast. We generated a wealth of data that was later used in Maths lessons.

I am always very happy to visit a school to either make suggestions for developing the environment to encourage wildlife or to lead some birdwatching sessions.