Curriculum Liftoff Stories travel through time, space and across continents

I am frequently asked to visit schools to launch a new topic. On other occasions I visit at the end of a project to celebrate the work the pupils have done.

I tailor my stories to the school's expectations. If I can’t find an appropriate tale, I write my own to fit the topic – but I do need time for this! These stories are often a good starting point/discussion/structure for the children's own writing.

As well as the extensive range of history topics and countries mentioned elsewhere on the web site, I have told stories to initiate topics like Space, both World Wars, Rivers, Charles Dickens, Super Heroes, Seaside, Holidays, Farms, Environment, Shakespeare, The Pope's Laudato si, Slavery, Poetry and many more.

One topic I was employed for was the launch of the Bristol Pound; I researched trade and exchange in Bristol over the centuries and did a story in role dressed as a merchant outside at "The Nails" in the City.