World and Animal Stories Stories travel through time, space and across continents

I love stories from different cultures and have built up a large bank of stories from different countries all around the world. I am often get asked to tell a story from a particular country and I really like finding and learning a new and appropriate story. Every time I go abroad I come back with a book of local folk tales!

I was born in Australia (although I was only there for the first fifteen months of my life) so I have an affinity to aboriginal stories from The Dreaming, like the Coming of the Kookaburra. I have written a story set in Australia based on a family event when we were there.

I particularly enjoy stories from the Slavic countries especially when they feature the witch Baba Yaga.

Anansi is a wonderful character and I often explain how the Anansi Stories travelled to the Americas with the slaves and how important these stories were to them. One special story I tell is particularly visual with a host of animals involved. I also have a wonderful tarantula puppet that enhances the stories and can cause a stir!

I tell a variety of Norse tales, often with frightening creatures and quests.

I am building up a repertoire of animal stories that suits a wide range of ages. Many are from different cultures explaining why an animal looks like it does or behaves in a certain way.

Having told stories for the WWT, RSPB and at Wick Court I have several bird stories, well you would expect that from a keen birder!