My books Stories travel through time, space and across continents

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Pig the Legend

(Published in 2021 - £7.99 a copy all proceeds go to the Alzheimer's Society)

What links a legendary pig in Gloucester during the English Civil War, a Lancaster bombing raid over France in WW2 and a present-day looming family crisis? The answer is Abby Brown; a girl who questions her own sanity when she thinks she hears a pig warning her that Gloucester, where her grandparents live, is a dangerous place. Dangerous - Gloucester? She is reluctantly compelled by unfortunate family circumstances to spend her summer holiday in this "dangerous" place. What is the significance of old coins, a ring and a carved wooden horse? Stories from the past are intertwined with the difficulties of the present day.

The action switches between Abby's home, Gloucester and WW2 France. Abby sometimes finds herself in the Siege of Gloucester in the middle of the English Civil War. She is convinced that she is the only one who can help both her Grandfather and a mature Gloucester Old Spot Pig. Time is running out and she has to act quickly.

Don’t Look at Me Like That

This is written through the eyes of a troubled young man who questions his own sanity as he keeps seeing a strange figure. The action moves from London to Wick Court Farm in Gloucestershire. Is he being haunted by a tragedy that happened on the River Severn?

Proceeds from the sales of this book (it costs £5 a copy) go to the charity ‘Farms for City Children’.

Mollie the Sheep

(This story is included in the ‘Don’t Look at Me Like That book)

An elderly sheep astounds everybody including the criminal underworld.

This story has been told to well over 3000 young people and ends every weekly storytelling session at Wick Court.